Performing of supplementary and intermediary operations such as cleaning/deburring, welding/resistance welding, interconnecting technologies, machining and assembling enable the production and delivery of ready-to-mount assemblies and components.

Surface-refining is being realized together with efficient partners from close areas.

With our robot supported spot welding machine we are able to produce individual complex assemblies.

By the lower cycle time and the high level of automation and the therefore lower manufacturing costs we are clearly in the position to provide clearly competitive offers.

With forward looking investments we underline our focus to being able to produce on a long term view at the latest state of the art.


* Steel                                                                 * Stainlees steel                                                             * Electroytically galvanized

* Aluminium                                                         * Cooper                                                                        * Electroyticall zinc plated


Laser cuting                                                                 Stamping

* Sheet sizes:            2000 x 1000 mm  – 3000 x 1500 mm                          * Material thickness steel: 0,5 mm – 6 mm

* Material thickness:  0,5 mm – 10 mm                                                          * Material thickness alu-:   0,5 mm – 3 mm burr free

                                              3 mm – 6 mm not burr free

    * Max. Coil width:              500 mm